HOW TO APPLY (Read carefully the information contained on this page)

There are two options

  1. Online (we encourage you to apply online as far as possible)
  2. On Paper

Paper Application:

  1. Purchase an application form from the centres named in our advertisement

For the Online application, no application fee is required.  However, all applicants would be required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of G$500.00 for each programme choice listed on his/her application form.

You can only use one application method.  Do not apply online and submit a paper application as well.

Online Application

  1. You can apply directly through the links Apply Online (Turkeyen) on the University of Guyana website: Alternatively, you can use the links on this web site "Prospective Students" or "Apply Online" to apply for Turkeyen Campus
  2. You are allowed three programme choices on your online application.
  3. Your application process will only be completed when you hit the submit button and receive your acknowledgement letter.

There are eight simple steps to online application

Step 1 To begin the application process click "Apply Online" or "Prospective Students Login"
Step 2 *To set up your account create an Applicant Login and choose a password.
*Make a note of your Applicant Login and password since you will need these to access your application information.
Step 3  Complete your application online
  • You are required to enter a response in all fields.
  • The system allows you to incrementally fill up your application at more than one sitting. At the end of every sitting however, you must save the information before you logout.
  • To login to online SRMS, use your Applicant Login and password that you created earlier.
Step 4 Submit your Application
  • Preview and verify the application. When you have entered all the required information on the form and you are satisfied, you may click the submit button.
Step 5 Print your Application Declaration Sheet
  • Upon the successful completion and submission of online application you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.  Included in the email is a link to download your Certificate of Declaration Sheet.
  • You must print, fill out and sign the Certificate of Declaration Sheet.
Step 6  Pay your non-refundable processing fee. This can be paid to any branch of the Republic Bank to the University’s account or at the University Bursary.
  • Local Account: 688-018-1
  • Overseas applicants can pay to the Republic bank Account #FX001-124-7 Swift code: RBGLGYGG
Application Processing Fee is G$ 500 per programme choice for local applicants, and US$ 5 per programme choice for overseas applicants.

If you would like to pay the fees by wire transfer, please add $25 USD to the application processing fee. In case of payment by cheque/money order, please add $6 USD to the application processing fees.

Step 7 Submit the Certificate of Declaration, Receipt or Deposit Slip together with the originals and photocopies of the relevant documents from the list thereon to the Admissions Division at Turkeyen for verification. The Admissions Assistants will keep your signed Declaration, verify the photocopies of your documents and return your originals to you, immediately. 
Remember to sign your "Certificate of Declaration" sheet.
  • Steps 6 and 7 must be completed within two weeks from the date of the submission of your online application.
  • If you are applying from an overseas location, please print and complete your Certificate of Declaration and submit the same with photocopies of all the relevant documents listed therein, by air mail or deliver by special courier. [Admissions Division, University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus, East Coast Demerara or Admissions Division, P.O Box 10-1110, Georgetown, Guyana]. You will need to bring your original documents for verification at the time of arrival into the country.
  • Where the verification exercise has not taken place, processing of your application will be suspended.
Step 8 Track your Application:  You will be able to track the status of your application online by returning to the website and clicking on status link.